TCU Alert Information

TCU ALERT information

At TCU, campus safety is a top priority. To that end, the university places a priority on informing faculty, staff and students about campus emergencies. In the event of an emergency or weather-related closures or delays, TCU will inform the campus through the following sources:

  • TCU ALERT (text and campuswide e-mail)
  • TCU home page
  • Recorded information line (817-257-INFO or 4636; toll free at 1-866-321-7428)

The TCU ALERT service sends emergency text messages to campus members via cell phones, campuswide e-mails and messages to home phones. TCU also will utilize the media to inform the community about campus closures or delays.




Faculty and Staff

  • Go to
  • Click on the Employee Self-Service, then the HR Self-Service Home link
  • Click on Cellular Phone
  • Add cell phone number
  • Save changes


  • Go to
  • Click on Student Center Click, then click on Student Center link
  • Go to Personal Information
  • Choose Phone Numbers from the drop down list
  • Enter cell phone number under the cellular category
  • Save changes
  • Parents do not have the ability to make updates or add numbers on their own. Parents can also receive messages if their student follows the instructions above and includes the parent's number as well.

Confirming a TCU ALERT message: When confirmation of a TCU ALERT message is requested, the message must be confirmed by the recipient. If not confirmed, the service will continue to send the message until confirmation of receipt is received.


Weather information: Because weather is volatile and can change at any time, students, faculty and staff should not wait for storm information from TCU ALERT. Rather, they should monitor local news reports via television, radio or the Internet and listen for sirens (if the situation calls for such action), which will be activated by the City of Fort Worth's Department of Emergency Preparedness. For more information and other tips on how to protect yourself during a storm, visit TCU's Risk Management's Web site.